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SPC flooring presents a contemporary and resilient choice, marrying the elegance of natural wood with the practicality of vinyl. What distinguishes stone polymer composite vinyl flooring from its counterparts is its core composition. Consisting of multiple layers, including a sturdy stone polymer composite (SPC) core, it boasts remarkable strength and stability. This core attribute imparts rigidity and steadfastness to the planks, setting it apart from more flexible vinyl options. With SPC typically being thicker than alternative vinyl flooring, it offers enhanced underfoot support. Additionally, it closely mimics the appearance and texture of natural hardwood flooring, featuring a denser feel and better heat retention, making it well-suited for areas with direct sunlight. Moreover, the inclusion of a pre-attached underpad ensures superior sound insulation and cushioning. Some may refer to SPC as Stone Polymer Composite, underscoring its robust construction.

Our SPC Flooring includes the upgraded IXPE padding is a premium acoustical underlayment made up of sound dampening high-performance cross-link ed foam with an overlapping film for extra moisture protection at its joints. The extra fine foam offers advanced moisture protections and shock absorption. Utilizing the Progressive Foam Technology (PFT ), IXPE underlay is designed f or supreme  sound  Reduction. It is 100% waterproof and impervious to mildew, mold, rot & bacteria. 

SPC is waterproof and fire-resistant

SPC flooring are mainly made of wear layer, Mineral stone powder, polymer powder etc., which are naturally not afraid of water. So you don’t have to worry about that it will blister, mildew or out of shape due to temperature fluctuation. It can be used in bedroom, living room, toilet, kitchen, balcony etc. The fire resistance and fire prevention can reach to class B1, so SPC flooring can be used in public space.

SPC flooring materials are natural materials, which free of heavy metals, phthalate, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. They are also meet the standards of EN14372, en649-2011, IEC62321, gb4085-83.

On all concrete subfloors, a 6mil moisture barrier is required for installation.

  • First, IIC and STC numbers are not measurements from test methods – they are ratings from classifications that interpret test method measurements.
  • IIC (Impact Insulation Class) ratings reference structure-borne sound, meaning sound that transmits through the floor/ceiling assembly by direct contact. Examples of this are dragged furniture, dropped objects, jumping or foot/paw steps.
  • STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings reference airborne sound, meaning sound that transmits through floor/ceiling assemblies by air pressure. Examples of this are speech, TVs, musical instruments, and stereos. STC is not just used for walls – the classification specifically mentions floors in the scope. It’s tested in the exact same chamber as IIC and is becoming increasingly important to hospitality customers.

Installation is easy and quick, is recommended by a flooring professional.  The lock type of SPC floor adopts international patent. Aligning both sides of the locking mechanism , then they can be buckled together. The ground also need not do special treatment, it can be installed directly after making level/self-leveling. It can be installed on the original ceramic tile or floor directly. The old ceramic tiles needn’t be knocked again. SPC flooring is very suitable for old house renovation, again the flooring needs to be leveled and installed correctly, please follow our installation guide.

Our Luxury SPC is manufactured to our specifications in Vietnam, the main ingredient of raw material (100% Virgin PVC Resin)  is exported from USA in a controlled facility for quality and Limestone is locally sourced in Vietnam.

Blending:  To begin, a combination of raw materials is placed into a mixing machine. Once inside, the raw materials are heated up to 125 – 130 degrees Celsius in order to remove any water vapor inside the material. Once complete, the material is then cooled inside the mixing machine to prevent the occurrence of early plasticization or processing auxiliary decomposition.  Extrusion: Moving from the mixing machine, the raw material then goes through an extrusion process. Here, temperature control is crucial in order for the material to plasticize correctly. The material is ran through five zones, with the first two being the hottest (around 200 degrees Celsius) and slowly declining throughout the remaining three zones. Film Laying: Spread canvas, decorated board, delicate film (matt film, high-temperature paper), bottom/middle fabric, wear-resistant layer, color film, and delicate film (matt film, high-temperature paper) on the steel plate in sequence.  Hot Pressing: After being squeezed with another steel plate, it is sent to the hot press, ceaselessly warmed and pressurized, and taken out after around 40 minutes. After the delicate film is torn off, the floor is squeezed into shape. After hot squeezing, the item layer is immovably fortified to the layer.  UV Coating:  Put the squeezed entirety floor into the transport belt, apply a layer of UV paint consistently by the roller, and after that get bright radiation and enter the broiler for baking. In this handle, the UV paint will be connected twice, and the bright radiation will be connected twice. The purpose of UV paint is to extend the gleam to meet client prerequisites (the brightness of the floor isn’t specifically related to the sum of UV paint, primarily controlled by the brightness of the UV paint).  Annealing: Annealing After the paint is completely cured, the floor is sent to cold water to cool. At last, utilize a cooler to dry the water on the surface. At long last, put it into the ordinary temperature and ordinary state of being. The reason of treating is to fortify the shrinkage and warpage of the PVC floor through warming and cooling on the gathering line. Shaping and Profiling: Profiling is carried out concurring to client prerequisites. Balanced by the cut agent concurring to the measure of the floor. After alteration, put the pieces of the floor on the transport belt, to begin with, profiling the long side, at that point the brief side. The profiling machine ensures the tall exactness of press products. Packaging: Final quality control, essential to evacuate self-evident scratches, pollutions, earth, bubbles, color contrast, discoloration, white edges, delamination, collapsing, slope, leftover point, etc. fizzled items. At last seal, the box, check the name and stamp substance accurately.