11.5″ Wood Stair Treads Premium Bullnosed 8070

8070 Solid Oak Stair Tread – A box stair tread is a tread with a wall on both sides of the staircase and thus has no mitered returns. This is by far, the most common style stair tread and the traditional style means that the existing “sub-tread” will have to be removed before installing new stair treads.

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11.5″ Wood Stair Treads Premium Bullnosed 8070










1' TO 7'

Edge / End



Select - NO 1 Common - NO 2 Common

Install Method:

Staple | Nail Down | Floating


19.5 ft per bundle | 42 Bundles per Pallet

Wear Layer

SOLID .75"



standard (closed/boxed)

Closed or Boxed Staircase as similar to image uses stair treads with a wall on both sides whereabout the ends of the treads are not exposed thus no mitered returns.

8070 red oak premium
bullnosed stair treads

 |  red oak side view  |

8070 white oak premium bullnosed stair tread

 |  white oak side view  |

8070 Bullnosed stair treads

Oak is Timeless and classic, the natural grain brings beauty and elegance to any staircase for this reason we stock Red Oak and White Oak in various sizes and lengths.  Our Premium grade are hand-crafted, color matched, We are the direct tread manufacturer, we mill the plane, rip, mill glue the treads to specifications.   Read description for quality, process, and full description of the stair tread below. These are standard and stocking items, if you needing a specific size or wood species,  please use our custom tread quote pages to price what you are looking for.  We are able to fulfill most customization requests, please contact us for custom inquiries.


  • Tread Depth: 11.5″
  • Tread Width: 42″ – 72″
  • Tread Thickness: 1.0312″ with a tolerance of +/- .0312″
  • Grain and color matched to create a superior stair tread
  • Bullnosed (accordingly to selection)
  • Stain-grade (ready to finish)
  • Interior use only

Frequently asked questions

UWP Stair treads are milled, hand color matched and we believe a superior product to anything treads out there.   Some think a tread is a tread however there are different grades of wood flooring, lumber etc. Builder Grade are still a solid tread but has a little more mineral streaks and not color  matched as uniformly.  We consider our builder grade to be similar to the Big Box Stores quality / style. 

UWP sources our lumber in the North America for stair treads.  Red Oak is abundant in North America and price point is more cost effective than White Oak. At Unique Wood we, stock mostly Red Oak and White Oak treads in a variety of sizes.  Recently White Oak is gaining popularity due to the tighter grain pattern and modern warmer/lighter colors.  We can fabricate treads in-house to practically any speices available to network of mills around the country.

From our knowledge, big box stores carry a veneered tread (outside is still ~1/8″ veneer to give presence of a solid tread but the interior is usually compressed wood leftover inferior wood and/or compressed fibers (MDF), usually imported. As goes with volume based building supplies and/or big box stores if they do have solid is it not color matched and/or usually their treads are in made up of a bunch of 2″ strips (this done for volume and consistency. If you spending $ on treads why would you skimp on aesthetics (In our Opinion) Others will have solid treads but not hand color match, see below for reference and comparison.
Different species are available of course. We choose different species wood usually to match the type of flooring you have. These will be fabricated in-house to your specifications. There is a longer lead time due to lumber availability, orders already in production.
We are professionals at what we are great at – making stair treads. We are not set-up for hand scraping or distressed look, please consult your flooring professional to create this look.

Staining stair treads to match a certain color may be difficult as what we see as a match may not be what you see as a color match.  Also staining different wood species will create different stain color outcome.   We run into countless instance as issue with stain.  We recommend your trim or flooring contractor to stain and get approval regarding stain options.

need some custom treads

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Wood Species

Red Oak, White Oak

Stair Width

36" WIDTH, 39.75" WIDTH, 42" WIDTH, 48" WIDTH, 54" WIDTH, 60" WIDTH, 72" WIDTH, 84" WIDTH