3.25″ Bullnosed Landing Tread

Our unfinished landingtreads are milled and fabricated from SOLID (not veneered or finger-joints) hardwood species.  We are the direct tread manufacturer –  we plane, rip, glue & sand your treads to your project/specifications.




Oak is Timeless and classic, the natural grain brings beauty and elegance to any staircase for this reason we stock Red Oak and White Oak in various sizes and lengths.


  • Tread Depth: 3.25″
  • Tread Width: 48″ – 144″
  • Tread Thickness: 3/4″ with a Round Bullnose of 1.0312″ with a tolerance of +/- .0312″
  • Grain and color matched to create a superior stair tread
  • Bullnosed (accordingly to selection)
  • Stain-grade (ready to finish)
  • Interior use only

Our Premium grade are hand-crafted, color matched, We are the direct tread manufacturer, we mill the plane, rip, mill glue the treads to specifications.   Read description  for quality, process, and full description of the stair tread below. These are standard and stocking items, if you needing a specific size or wood species,  please use our custom tread quote pages to price what you are looking for.  We are able to fulfill most customization requests, please contact us for custom inquiries.

Stair Tread  A box stair tread is a tread with a wall on both sides of the staircase and thus has no mitered returns. This is by far, the most common style stair tread and the traditional style means that the existing “sub-tread” will have to be removed before installing new stair treads.

Additional information

Wood Species

Hickory, Maple, Pine, Poplar, Primed Pine, Red Oak, Walnut, White Oak