Fortane ONE Polyurethane Moisture Vapor Barrier (Solid or Engineered Wood)

  • Typical Applications
    Fortane One™ is ideal for glue-down installations on all
    grades of all types of engineered, solid or acrylic
    impregnated wood flooring and cork flooring that may
    require protection damage due to subfloor moisture
    transmissions. Fortane One™ reduces moisture to
    acceptable limits from a high of 12 lbs MVER or 97 %RH.
    Use Fortane One™ to manage moisture vapor when test
    results exceed 3lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. (in accordance with
    ASTM F-1869) / 75 %RH (in accordance with ASTM
    F-2170) or when concerns of future moisture are present.


  • Product Description
    Fortane One™ is a revolutionary one-component urethane
    adhesive membrane specifically formulated to reduce the
    transmission of water vapor from the subfloor, act as a
    noise dampener, bridge cracks up to 1/8” and to provide a
    powerful adhesive bond.
    • Powerful urethane bond strength
    • Outstanding green strength
    • Contains no water
    • Zero VOC’s
    • Extremely easy to trowel
    • Retains elasticity
    • LEED® Qualified & California Proposition 65 Compliant
    • Protects wood flooring against moisture vapor through the
    • Bridges subfloor cracks up to 1/8”
    • Provides excellent acoustical sound properties
    • Safe to use on green products
    • Reduces moisture transmission
    • Solvent free


Subfloor Preparation
Fortane One™ can be used over the following subfloors:
concrete, Portland cement patch, terrazzo, ceramic tile,
radiant heat flooring, and cement backer board.
Mechanical surface profiling is the only accepted method
of subfloor preparation where warranties are issued. Acid
etching is not recommended. Shotblast the floor to
medium grit sandpaper texture to remove curing and
surface contaminants. Ensure that the subfloor is
structurally sound, smooth, dry, properly cured, clean and
free from dust, dirt, grease, oil, plaster, paint, old
adhesive, wax, curing agents, sealers, cutback or other
asphaltic-based residue and any other contaminants that
could interfere with a good adhesive bond.
For application of Fortane One™ over ceramic tiles, it is
necessary to grind the tile surfaces and clean thoroughly
with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
Before starting the installation, carefully check that the
subfloor is flat. Eliminate dips and crowns that exceed 1/8”
in a 10 feet radius by patching or sanding/ grinding. Do
not use product as a leveling agent. Where needed, use
only Portland cement based patching and leveling

Technical Data Sheet Fortane One


Safety Data Sheet Fortane One