hardwood countertop

wide plank – edge grain – end grain

Wide plank (face grain) countertops

Unique Wood Products specializes in quality “face grain” countertops. Our wide plank countertops are made with random width wood planks glued together running the full length of the countertop.

edge grain butcher block countertops

Edge Grain are warm, beautiful and are the most popular type of construction for Butcher Block Style Countertops. Wood Boards are cut into strips, turned on their sides and glued together.

end grain butcher block countertops

End Grain Butcher Blocks are the premium construction style – unique, most durable and make a bold statement.

Frequently asked questions

We believe in transparency business ethics, below are the most popular questions and if you have a question that isn't here, contact us using the form below.

During different times of the year they will move or change dimension possibly, this is a natural fact of solid wood product

Not always but they can possibly develop cracks, these are not considered defects as solid wood will do this naturally. They rarely become structural problems and if desired can easily be repaired by the home owner.

They can warp dues to humidity levels.  This is usually not a problem if your contractor follow recommended  installation directions.

There is no real evidence that wood harbors more bacteria than plastic but there is evidence that many woods actually kill bacteria.  Have you visited your local butcher shop recently? You will see Stainless steel and wood not granite or stone.. enough said.

Unique Wood Products Turnaround time for Countertops?

Yes and No. Wide Grain (face grain) is not recommend to cut on while Edge Grain and Wood Grain can be great for food preparation if necessary.

Yes, we can source almost any type of wood for your project. Please fill out the custom wood countertop quote below to discuss further.

We recommend the use of trivets for pots or pans, you can damage the wood or finish if the pot is too hot.

Yes, most definitely. You just need to seal the wood properly as with any project.

We do not offer stain options for countertops. We recommend professional contractors to cut-onsite to fit and then stain and finish if necessary.  We do offer low VOC stains and polyurathane finishes.

Yes – Repurposed lumber such as Antique Heart Pine or Lyptus  (sustainable, certified exotic wood) are great choices. We also offer lover VOC stain and finishes.

Like any natural countertop, they do require some maintenance. we recommend regular oiling to keep them from drying out, cracking and splitting. Weekly at first. Then monthly.

Yes, we can do a built-up edges if needed. Some exotic wood species are not available thicker than 1” so a built up edge is a perfect solution to give the appearance of a thicker top. Please fill out the custom countertop form for inquiry

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